Books I Read in June

The catching up continues.

June was a busy month for me (big changes) and it reflected on my reading. It was a mixed of adulting and reading slump. I started a lot of books (at least 5) but they just didn’t hold my interest. I’m still happy that I managed to read 3 great books and they were the perfect stories I needed that time.

For the month of June:
I read a total of 3 books
120 pages | 976 minutes (16h16m)
2 audiobooks, 1 physical
Average rating was 3.7 stars

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All The Places in Between by John Cei Douglas

This book follows a nameless character as she navigates her way through different scenarios and environment representing the themes of mental health. I love the simple black and white illustrations. The book has no dialogue and I thought it works perfectly with the art style. The author manages to convey the emotion and messages in this book even without dialogues. But I also think that the interpretation of this book still depends on what the reader is going through while reading it. This book is about loneliness and isolation but also about hope. A reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen

Ava Wong hasn’t heard from Winnie Fang for over twenty years until Winnie shows up and wants to reconnect. But the awkward girl Ava once knew is gone. Winnie is now a successful businesswoman and she asks Ava for a favor. She wants Ava to be part of her counterfeit luxury handbag business.

Both Ava and Winnie are complex characters. You either love them or hate them. They’re not the most likeable characters but I thought they’re both interesting. I’m pretty aware of fake or „class A“ bags but it’s still intriguing to read the counterfeit scheme in this book. I enjoyed how this book is told and I thought the twists were clever. I would love to read more about Ava and Winnie especially after that ending. Some of the main themes in this book are capitalism and cosumerism. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a quick and refreshing read.

Flying Solo by Linda Holmes

While going through her late Aunt’s things, Laurie finds a wooden decoy duck and a love letter mentioning about ducks. Her Aunt never married and don’t have children. Laurie’s curiosity is piqued and she starts to investigate. In the process, she reconnects with her old friends and highschool boyfriend.

I liked that Laurie knows what she wants and that’s why I liked her. I was invested with her character and the mystery behind the decoy duck. I loved the ending because it’s not the typical happily ever after. It could have been a little longer but overall, this was an entertaining read. You can read my full review here.

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