About Me

Hi guys! I’m Kathleen but I prefer Kath. I’m from Manila, Philippines and currently living here in Germany.

Aside from books, music and photography, I also love cats, unicorn, sunset, fireworks, rainbow, and a lot more. My list can go on forever.

To be honest, I’m not really a reader since birth. I just started reading and buying books in 2011. Aside from being a slow reader (maybe because I want to feel and appreciate every words written on the pages or I just get easily distracted most of the time), I sometimes feel like I’m always the last one to read a certain book (like HP, GoT, classic novels, and hype books).

I don’t read book summaries/descriptions (except if they’re from the authors/review request) that’s why most of the time I don’t have any idea what the book is all about. It’s fun that way! At least for me.

I think it doesn’t matter if it’s a physical book or an e-book (or even audiobook) as long as I’m reading. By the way, I read faster on my kindle. Not sure why. I always buy books if i have a chance and of course, money. 😀

What to find in my blog?

Book reviews, weekly memes, challenges, list of books I’ve read, some personal stuff, etc. I’m not a professional book reviewer but I can assure you that I’ll give my 100% honest and fair opinions. I do not include spoilers because I myself hate them. If I do, I make sure that there’s a warning in the beginning.





    1. Hi 🙂 That’s cool. I don’t really have anything against ebooks and I’m reading faster with my Kindle than the physical book. I also love cats ♥

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