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Valentine’s Day is done. We (me and B) don’t really make this a „special“ day even it is also our anniversary date (it’s our third year! Yay!). The thing is, we celebrate it everyday. No special occassions needed.

The Enchanted Book tagged me to do this #whatisloveinfourwords tag. Thank you so much. I love doing tags.

The Rules:

  • Write ten sentences about what you think of love in four words
  • Add your favourite love quote from a movie, book or person
  • Tag 10 other people to do this tag

Love is…

  1. „After all this time“
  2. „Fries and Choco Sundae“
  3. „Watching The Walking Dead“
  4. „Feeling great being together“
  5. „Reading a good book“
  6. „The day we met“
  7. „A relationship like us“
  8. „Making the ultimate sacrifice“
  9. „Long winter nights together“
  10. „Giving him another chance“

Everyday is heart’s day so if you are reading this, you are tagged.


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