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For Books

I am accepting books in exchange of an honest and fair review. It can be ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) or published novels preferably in physical copies. If the book is part of a series that I’ve not read yet, I would appreciate if you would send me the other books as well. Please take note that I am living here in Germany so if you’re planning to send a physical copy, you need to send me an email first so I can provide my mailing information, if needed.

I read mostly read Fiction (Young Adult, Adult Fiction, Middle Grade), Contemporary, Romance, and Thriller/Mystery. I’m also willing to explore other genres. If in case I end up not finishing a book, I would still give a review and my reasons why but I’ll make sure that it will not affect or influence the others in a negative way because we have different opinions.

My reviews are 100% fair and based on my honest opinions.

Aside from this blog, I posted my reviews on Goodreads and share the link on Twitter. I have an Instagram account where I also post a picture of the book I’ve reviewed just to let my followers know that it’s already on my blog.

For Bookish Merch / Non-Bookish Related Product

If you are a business owner/seller (both small and huge) and you want your products to be featured here on my blog and my Instagram (or other social media accounts), feel free contact me via email. I’m accepting bookish merchandises and also non-bookish related stuff (depending on the product itself).

For sponsored or paid collaboration, kindly refer to this rate information page.

If you have any other questions or inquiries, feel free to send me an email at kathlau.reads@gmail.com



You can find affiliate links on this blog. That means I receive a small commission with every purchase you make through the links. There will be no extra charge on your part. This commission helps support my blog. A disclaimer will be included in every post with affiliate links.



5 stars – It’s a perfect book for me. An epic read. Got my attention from the beginning (including maybe the book cover) until the very end. Instantly added on my favorite reads.

4 stars – Enjoyable, interesting and amazing story. Has small issues. Probably added on my favorite list.

3 stars – Some parts were enjoyable and some were okay. I would still recommend it.

2 stars – I was able to finish it so it’s okay but I wouldn’t recommend it. But feel free to read it.

1 star – As much as possible, I don’t like giving 1 star but if I have to then I will.



  1. Hi, Kath!

    My name is Jackie. I have currently have four books out. Three are part of my ghost story series, Cemetery Tours, and the fourth is a YA novel called Boy Band. Its sequel will be released December 8. I was wondering if you might be interested in reading/reviewing one or two (or all, if you like). No pressure. I would be happy to gift you the eBooks on either Nook or Kindle. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Ms. Jackie. Wow. Sure! I love reading/watching ghost stories so I’m interested with you ghost story series. I’m using kindle for ebooks. 🙂

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