My 2022 Reading Goals and Challenges

Let’s make my reading more complicated, shall we? Just kidding! My new year is not complete without setting up some reading goals and joining reading challenges. There’s really nothing fancy about my goals for this year because I want to keep them simple and achievable. So for 2022, I want to:

1. Read 36 books. Why 36? I’m turning 36 in January.
2. Read everyday. At least an hour or 20 pages a day.
3. Read Haruki Murakami and V.E. Schwab books I own.
4. Read more fantasy and sci-fi novels.
5. Speaking of fantasy, read Brandon Sanderson books.
6. Read more non-fiction.
7. Finish book series I’ve started years ago.
8. The most important of all, have fun reading!

I love joining reading challenges especially the ones that can help me diversify my reading, discover new books and authors. I’m a mood reader so it’s already a huge challenge for me to set up a tbr list that’s why I’m not going to have tbr lists except for the ones that already have books assigned on them. My plan is to read what I want and fill-out the prompts along the way. Let’s see if this works for me. So this year, I’m joining the following reading challenges:

35 Backlist Reading Challenge

This is a personal reading challenge I started in January 2021. The goal is to read 35 backlist books I have in my shelves for years now. I wasn’t able to read all the 35 books on my list so I want to continue doing it this year.

Popsugar Reading Challenge

This one has 50 prompts. I have been joining this challenge since forever but I’ve never completed it but I’m still very hopeful. This time I’m doing it with fellow readers and I’m excited.


I don’t think I have read any Agatha Christie books last year and I want to change that this year. I really enjoy reading her books so I’ve decided to join this reading challenge. I also love the theme for 2022.

Maidens of Murder

Another Agatha Christie reading challenge. The theme for next year is Queens of Crime! The books included in the list are not only by Christie but also by other female crime authors.

Pondathon II

Hosted by CW of TheQuietPond, this is definitely one of the most creative and exciting readathon ever! It’s story-driven and you can create your character. I joined the first one and I had a blast. This time you can decorate your garden by reading a book. I’m really excited for this one!

A to Z Reading Challenge

I see this one almost every year on someone’s reading challenge list so I thought I’d give it a try this year. This is hosted by Crystal & Megan of bookstacksngoldenmoms.

Buzzword Readathon

I’ve been meaning to join this readathon by Kayla of BooksandLala since I subscribed on her youtube channel. This is also a fun one! You can choose if you want to do it as a monthly or a year-long challenge. I choose the latter. That means, I’ll be reading one book each month featuring the designated buzzword.

How about you? Are joining any reading challenges this year? What are some of your reading goals?

6 thoughts on “My 2022 Reading Goals and Challenges

  1. I did a challenge similar to the A to Z last year, but it was by Author’s last name. This year, I’m going to read more books from my own bookshelves. I’m going to check each shelf and pick out at least one that I haven’t read, except for the few that have all books I’ve read or videos. Have fun!

  2. The 35 Backlist Reading Challenge sounds cool, I think I may join that one. Goodness knows I have enough unread backlist titles on my shelves to fill a ship the size of the Titanic.

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