Find a guy who will buy you books.

Am i the only one who prefer books over flowers? I mean when it comes to gifts on Valentine’s Days, Anniversaries and other occasions or just a normal day. I’ll be honest. I somehow don’t feel like receiving flowers though I appreciate their beauty and smell plus it’s a romantic thing to do, I’d still choose books.

I remember when Bennito (my fiance) gave me a bouquet of red roses on my birthday last year even he knows that it’s not my thing. I admit that it felt so good and romantic but at the end of the day, I still asked him: „Why you gave me flowers?“ Kill me now. Haha!

I consider myself lucky because I’ve found the guy who understands my addiction for books. He gave me a Kindle so it’s easy for me to read the books that i want (english books that are not available here in our place). He go with me to the library and even got me a library card. I also like when he suggests a book and share his thoughts about it.  He don’t want to disturb me when I’m reading. He asks me if i want to look for a new book if we pass by a bookstore even he knows that it will take long. When we start living together, he bought me a bookshelf and helped me build it. He never get tired of buying me books.

I’m so lucky and blessed to have him, not only because of those reasons, but because he loves me and accepted me for who I am including all my flaws. I didn’t write this because he bought me new books which came today. I just feel so happy and I want to thank him. 🙂

I love you Benjamin! ♥

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