Books I Read in February

Time for a wrap up, again! It feels like I’ve just posted my January wrap up yesterday. Well, I’ve posted it very late so that’s probably why. Haha!

I noticed that all the books I read in February were ebooks and audiobooks. I was reading two physical books (Bibliolepsy and Good Intentions) but I haven’t finished them in time so I added them on my March tbr. I managed to finally finish it this month and I’ll be sharing my reviews on these two books in my March wrap up. Anyway, for the month of February:

I read 9 books
1,296 pages | 3,255 minutes (54h25m)
6 Audiobooks, 3 eBooks
Average rating was 3.8 stars

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Olga Dies Dreaming by Xochitl Gonzales

Olga is a very successful wedding planner for rich people and Prieto is a congressman who fights for his fellow Latinx community. Their mother abandoned them when they were teenagers and started her own organization to free Puerto Rico from the US. She sends them letters every now and then expressing her love for them as well as her disappointments of their life and career choices. When Hurricane Maria devastates Puerto Rico, their mother reaches out to them for help. I really wanted to love this book. I thought it’s a rom-com but it i not. The premise was very interesting and the book explores a lot of important topics such as gentrification, racism, capitalism, and activism. But it felt like too much was happening at the same time. The characters are complex but none of them were likable except Olga’s love interest, in my opinion. I liked the sibling relationship though. Overall, this was a relevant and thought-provoking read.

The Maid by Nita Prose

Molly works as a hotel maid at the Regency Grand Hotel. She loves her job and she is extremely good at it. She’s looked down upon simply because she’s different but she still remains kind. She is somehow invisible until she finds Mr. Black, a high profile guest dead, in his bed. Molly instantly warmed up to me. She’s lovable and unique. I wanted to protect her at all cost! Her relationship with her grandmother is precious. I didn’t mind that the story is predictable and that its focus is not entirely on the mystery part. I really had a great time reading this book and sometimes that’s enough. I thought this was an incredible debut.

Ophelia After All by Racquel Marie

Ophelia, a Cuban-Irish seventeen year old, loves gardening and is known to her family and friends as the „boy crazy Ophelia“ because she has a lot of boy crushes. Until she starts having feelings for a girl classmate Talia. It was easy to symphatize with Ophelia. Her character feels genuine and very relatable. Her friends are amazing as well! I liked how the author handled Ophelia’s character and her entire journey with her sexuality. It’s messy, scary, and confusing in a very compassionate way. I wished I had this book when I was a teenager.

I Am I Am I Am by Maggie O’Farell

The author recounts her near-death experiences from drowning to a heartbreaking miscarriage. I picked up this book because of its title and synopsis. I really loved the author’s writing! I had to remind myself that i’m reading a non-fiction book. It’s beautiful and captivating. I thought the chapter headings were beautiful and unique. The nonlinear structure was not confusing at all. The author’s stories reminded me how how vulnerable human life is. I can’t wait to read her other books!

Empire of Storms by Sarah Maas

The fifth book in the Throne of Glass series. Aelin is still badass, arrogant, and cunning. But Elide, Lyssandra and Manon stood out to me and became my favorites. I was a bit disappointed because the build up towards the final scene took so long and happened so fast. This book ends in a cliffhanger but I am in no hurry to pick up the next book.

A Brush with Love by Mazey Eddings

Harper is awaiting placement in an oral surgery residency. She has her future all planned out and doesn’t need any distractions. Then she meets Dan. He is a first year dental student, He struggles and deals with too much pressure to continue his father’s legacy. They both agree to remain friends even though they obviously have strong feelings for each other. I really enjoyed reading this book. Both Harper and Dan are appealing characters. Their friends are incredible as well. I liked the slowburn romance eventhough at times I wanted to scream at them to just do it already. I thought the pacing was a bit off especially in the middle part. I’ve read reviews of people with anxiety disorder saying that this book has a really great anxiety rep and I agreed, The author handles it delicately. Overall, this debut novel was hilarious, heartwrenching, and wonderful.

The New Girl by Jesse Sutanto

Lia gets in on a track scholarship to Draycott Academy, a prestigious private boarding school. She immediately feels out of place and it doesn’t take long before she becomes the new target of bullying and harassment. She will do everything to keep her scholarship and to survive this toxic environment. She starts digging and uncovers some serious Draycott’s dark secrets. I couldn’t stop rooting for Lia despite of her poor decisions, She finds herself in unfortunate events and she’s desperate. The beginning was quite slow. There were over the top drama and some ridiculous scenes but the characters and the plot were intriguing enough. Just like in Dial A for Aunties, we also get Chinese-Indonesian rep in this book which I really enjoyed especially the food descriptions. I wished we got more from Lia’s relationship with her mother because she seems sweet and loving. The twists are quite predictable but still entertaining.

Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour

This book follows the story of Sara and Emilie. Sara runs away from home when she’s sixteen after a tragic incident happened. She is now a highly sought-after bartender and is still haunted by her past. Emilie isn’t sure what she wants and switches her major constantly. It doesn’t help that her parents give more attention to her younger sister. Sara and Emilie’s paths have crossed in a restaurant called Yerba Buena. This was my second LaCour read and I really love her writing. It’s simple and raw. Sara and Emilie are both flawed, compelling, and relatable in many ways. I liked that their romance isn’t forced. Sara and Emilie are immediately drawn to each other but they also know that they have to figure out things first before letting other people in. It was wonderful and heartbreaking to watch Sara and Emilie grow as individuals. I also loved how yerba buena (both the restaurant and the herb) was incorporated in the story. This was a beautiful and melancholic read.

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

Linnet is beautiful and super wealthy. She and her husband Simon is in Egypt for their honeymoon. Everything is great until Jacqueline, Linnet’s close friend and Simon’s ex-fiance, shows up. She follows the couple everywhere. Linnet is still not over Linnet’s betrayal and is very vocal on wanting a revenge. Next morning, Linnet is found dead in her bed. I thought the characters were fascinating especially the women in this book. I’ve actually guessed who done it but it’s still highly entertaining. It’s well executed which was not surprising. I enjoyed the twists and turns. This is definitely on my top Christie reads.

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