Book Review : Ugly People Beautiful Hearts by Marlen Komar

25168753Edition : Kindle (96 pages)
Published on : March 11, 2015
Genre : Poetry
Source : Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review
Date Read : May 2015
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Ugly People Beautiful Hearts is a poetry book with over 70 poems that explores loneliness, quiet sadness, bursts of happiness, and contentment over the fact that everything you have, will eventually go okay. But that’s sort of beautiful in its own right.

It has verses moving between the feelings of loving someone, feeling loss, trusting the night sky, losing your light, resolving that hurt is beautiful, and finding compassion in a stranger’s smile.

My Thoughts

I was glad and thankful that Marlen Komar emailed me and gave me an opportunity to read and review her poetry collection. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a poetry book and reading Ugly People Beautiful Hearts made me feel nostalgic. I used to write poems for our school newspaper and most of my poems were about love and heartaches.

Over 70 poems about life, love, and finding beauty in sadness and heartaches. Exactly the type of poems I love. Also, the dedication is sweet and it made me feel like the author is whispering the words in my ear.

Simple yet heartfelt. This book is not a simple collection of poetry. The poems tells a story of how two persons, madly inlove with each other, ended up being strangers. A story of how love can hurt a person deeply and how that pain feels wonderful.

„Falling in love with you has been the most unkind thing I’ve done to myself, by far.“ (Thoughts Folded Into Morning Light)

I cannot say more about her works so I’ll give some of my favorites and it’s up to you to decide. I’m pretty sure you will also end up loving this talented author and her works whether poetry is your thing or not.

I felt lost and I lost the map on how to find myself. The moom said he would tell me who I was, but I told him no. No, there was something wonderful in the not knowing. Every step forward was terrifying, uncertain. Uncomfortable. But every step forward brought closer limitless possibilities. (When I Go Missing)

Some of the other poems I loved:
There We’ll Wait
And I’m
A Rather Cold Tuesday Afternoon
In Here, I’ll wait
Passed Notes
Have Courage, My Love
To Think There Was a Time
Why We Live in Kitchens

My Rating4stars

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