Book Review : The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior by Xina Marie Uhl

18922359Editon : eBook
Publisher : XC Publishing (2013)
Genre : Animal
Source : Copy provided by the author
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Cats know that adoration is their birth-right. Humans have proved this by worshipping them as gods since the days of Ancient Egypt. But despite their clear superiority, felines continue to be frustrated with humans‘ bizarre actions and incomprehensible desires — until now. In The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior, the great feline humanologist Professor F.L. Uffy advises cats on how to solve some of their most difficult human-related issues:

• Chase away your human’s romantic partners
• Increase your food supply
• And more!

What does your cat REALLY think of you? The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior reveals all–even why you refuse to groom yourself with your tongue! (x)

My Thoughts

I was happy to get a free ebook copy of this from the author in exchange of an honest review because I myself is a cat-lover. My first pet was a stray kitten named „miming“ and we always have cats (and dogs) walking or running around our house.

This book was told from a cat’s point of view which is amusing. I can’t help not to think that the narrator is like Grumpy Cat because of how superior, humorous and straight-forward it sounds. Just like what the title says, this book is written as a guide on how cats can train their human keepers. At the same time, the narrator sited some issues and experiences from other cats.

This book is entertaining and funny. I also love the adorable photos of cats in every chapter. I can’t help smiling the whole time while reading and I wish it was a bit longer because I still want to know and understand more about these lovely felines.

A must-read for both cats and humans. Good job for the author for being a great cat translator.

My Rating

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