Page Habit Unboxing | Young Adult Fiction Quarterly Box (October 2017)

Hey guys! Another unboxing? Why not! I’m pretty sure by now that you guys know already what Page Habit is and how awesome their boxes are. So a week ago, I received my YA Fiction Quarterly Box and it’s pretty awesome! Continue reading „Page Habit Unboxing | Young Adult Fiction Quarterly Box (October 2017)“

Illumicrate Unboxing : The Grisha Edition

Hi guys! Few days ago, I received this very special box from Illumicrate. I honestly wasn’t expecting for this at all so thank you so much, Daphne, for this! You are the best! Continue reading „Illumicrate Unboxing : The Grisha Edition“

Once Upon A Book Club Box (Full Spoilers)

It’s the weekend! ♥ I’m here for an unboxing post of one of my favorite bookish boxes in the world. *I’m currently listening to Bibia Be Ye Ye by Ed Sheeran and it’s giving me the perfect weekend vibe* Continue reading „Once Upon A Book Club Box (Full Spoilers)“

Fall in love with TillandDill’s Bookmarks

Do you love collecting bookmarks? Wait, let me rephrase that. Do you love collecting unique and stunning bookmarks? Well, I do. I love those artsy and handmade ones. So when I saw TillandDill’s bookmarks on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with them and didn’t think twice to order some for myself. Continue reading „Fall in love with TillandDill’s Bookmarks“