September Wrap Up + Reviews

Hey guys! It’s time of the month again. For the month of September, I was able to read 4 books. I’ve just finished the 4th book two days but I think it’s still counted as September read. I’ve been in a slight reading slump last month which was not good… at all. I also wasn’t able to update my blog last month as much as I wanted to. Im going to try again this month and hopefully everything will work according to the plan. So, let’s start with my wrap-up.

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August Wrap Up + Summer Book Haul

Hi guys! Christmas is here! Haha. In the Philippines, Christmas starts at the beginning of “ber” months. We Filipinos take this holiday very seriously even it means heavy traffic, crowded streets/malls and long list of gifts. The last time I spent Christmas with my family was in 2013. It’s been a while now and I’m really missing all the festivities, food and of course, my loved ones. But let’s not talk about that now because I’m here for my August Wrap Up.

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My Top Ten Favorite Books of 2017 (so far).

Hi guys! I hope you’re all having a woderful time. Any plans for the weekend? Well, I’ll be staying at home over the weekends, watch the second season of How To Get Away With Murder (I just finished the first season few days ago and OMG!) or the fourth season of Sherlock, and of course, read. It’s a perfect weekend, right? 🙂

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Monthly Recap : March 2016

Happy April Fool’s day! I remember last year when I read a post about Daryl Dixon’s death in the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead. I was so sad and worried because I thought it was true. Then after watching the episode, I realized that it was April 1st and I got fooled. Good job!

hp-gif-216So, let’s move on to my recap. March went so fast and it was a little crazy (at least for me) and exciting.

  • I am now a yellow belter in Karate. I passed my exam (March 17) and I’m so proud of it. Honestly, I never thought of me joining (or doing) Karate. I’ve been influenced by my husband (black belter) and parents-in-law (both brown belter). Oh, my sis-in-law is also a black belter. So yeah! I’m still undecided if I want to continue doing it.
  • Society6 hosted an awesome giveaway and I was one of the winners. I chose the Cat-stronauts throw blanket by Drew Brockington. It is so cute and huge! I love it so much. I can just stay under it forever.
  • I finally finished watching Game of Thrones. I can’t wait for April 24.

brJust like last month, I read 4 books this month. Total of 2,136 pages)

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