Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

An Abundance of KatherinesEditon : Paperback (227 pages)
Publisher : Penguin Books LTD (2012)
Genre : Young Adult, Fiction
Source : Thalia Buchhandlung
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My Thoughts

This is my fifth John Green book. It’s about Colin Singleton, a smart guy, who has been dumped 19th times by different girls who shared the same name, Katherine. He went on a roadtrip (it’s really a John Green book) with his bestfriend, Hassan and ended up finding a “job” in Gutshot, Tennessee and stayed at Pink Mansion where Hollis and her daughter Lindsey lives.

First, the footnotes in this book are cool. Second, I have to be honest about the “mathematical” thing like the variables, graphs and formulas. It’s interesting but I’m not in the mood to focus on those. Hassan is my favorite character in this book. Lastly (not really), the “German” words. And I can say that I understand those words even without looking at the footnotes.

It’s a hilarious, funny and unique.

My Rating

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